Social Media Discovery

Social Media Discovery


Define your brand, unlock your pottential, and identify your biggest opportunities in a 2-hour face to face consultation with social media expert Darren Cabral. This discovery session is the foundational first step in developing a successful social media strategy and succeeding online.

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During your discovery session you will work with Darren to explore and define the following:

1. Your goals and objectives

2. Your value proposition

3. Your unique positioning

4. The competitive landscape

5. Your ideal customer

6. Your messaging strategy

7. Your content plan

And much more!

The purpose of the discovery session is to help you better understand your brand. It will clarify what makes your brand and business unique, and how you need to position yourself if you want to stand out and achieve success in the marketplace. 

During discovery, you'll be faced with difficult questions, but Darren will work alongside you to answer each and everyone, forcing you to define your brand in a way you never thought possible. Whether you're an industrial solutions company or an independent real estate agent, this is your starting point and your stepping stone to social media success.

After your discovery initial session, Darren and his team will prepare a formal discovery brief based on your conversation.

This brief will serve as the foundation of your brand. It will guide your marketing efforts in all aspects of your brand and business, not just in social media, but across all online and offline channels.

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