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In 2016 I founded Canada's first dedicated social media marketing agency, Suits Social Inc. My team and I work with businesses around the world, helping them develop and manage profitable social media campaigns. Services include strategy development, social media management, social media advertising, and more.

Business cOACHING

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There's nothing more rewarding then getting to work directly with business owners and entrepreneurs. If you're looking for support, expert guidance, and proven systems that will accelerate your social media success and business growth, I'm here to help. Learn how to generate massive attention quickly, and dominate your competition and the minds of your customers.


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Social media has transformed my business and my life. Bringing attention to me and my ideas, driving revenue and unlocking unimaginable opportunities. Now i'm sharing everything I know, so you can drive real results in your business and life. Get ready to master social and take your business to the next level!