Executive Roundtable - Barrie

Executive Roundtable - Barrie

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Marketing & Business Growth Mastermind

This exclusive monthly mastermind is limited to just 7-Seats. As such, it's reserved for business owners and entrepreneurs in the Barrie and Simcoe region who are serious about massively accelerating their growth and revenue. Scroll down to learn more about this event.

NEXT EVENT: Wed June 27th at 6PM

LOCATION: 130 Saunders Rd. Unit 1, Barrie, ON

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About The Executive Roundtable


About The Mastermind

If you're doing business in Barrie and struggling to market and grow, you're not alone. Often time's it's not even clear what your issue is, all you know is something isn't working and you want to be growing faster! 

By providing expert leadership, and a valuable network, this mastermind will serve to keep you at the cutting edge of business growth tactics and provide a significant competitive advantage over your competitors.

The Goal

The goal is to bring your problems to the table and leverage the minds of 7 other intelligent business owners to solve it together. Resulting in a working solution that you can walk away with and implement the next day. Ultimately, each issue the group solves results in something for you to implement that will make you more money.

For example, if you had an issue with generating qualified leads. Together we would figure out why you're having this issue, what you can do about it, and how you can go about doing it. Leaving you with an actionable strategy to implement ASAP. 


The power in this mastermind is that you can finally get out of your own head. Don't spend weeks or months debating why something isn't working. Come in, lay your problems on the table, and we'll solve them right then and there!

Not to mention, you'll get to connect with other committed business owners who may be able to contribute to your business directly or indirectly. It's a great opportunity to make some likeminded friends.

So if you want to grow your business, meet other like-minded individuals, get professional advice from a group of skilled entrepreneurs, and want to make more money, this is for you. 

How It Works

Each 2-Hour mastermind session is held in person at my agency Suits Social's headquarters located at 130 Saunders Rd. in Barrie, Ontario. Please note, this is an in-person mastermind so you'll need to be able to physically attend in person!

There are exactly 7 seats at our boardroom table plus one for the leader of the mastermind which in this case would be me (Darren Cabral). We will go around to each person at the table one by one, and the group will work together for 15-20 minutes to solve whatever each person's particular growth/marketing issue may be.

I will be moderate each discussion and personally ensure every person leaves the mastermind enlightened and excited to implement something new in their business.

The goal will be to hold these every month and watch each of us grow as the month's progress. As we grow, the mastermind will become progressively more and more valuable.

Additional Details

Please contact me for questions about this mastermind: Darren@SuitsSocial.com or 647-217-4655

I'm happy to elaborate and address any questions or concerns.